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Finally Stop Worrying Over Your Loved Ones

By reducing the likelihood of falling and sliding in the bathroom, you can worry much less about your family members security. No more wondering if they’re alright, or have fallen and can not get up. By adding mobility equipment, you can rest easier, knowing they aren’t in risk.

Make Daily Life More Dignified and Much Easier

Bathing is something every single day that most folks do. By making the daily cleaning of yourself easier, you can make your life a lot more gratifying, and much more dignified understanding you can still take good care of yourself, without the need of nurses or outside help.

Remain in Your Home Much Longer with More Freedom

Everyone desires in order to live independently, and manage to take care of themselves for as long as possible. With a new bathtub, you may add another couple of years to having the capability to reside in your house, take good care of yourself, and be free to determine when you would like to bathe, not when you are scheduled to.


Is it true that the threat of falling and slipping in the bathroom make you frightened of living alone?

Would a single fall set you behind years of freedom and exercise?

Do you need additional help bathing and cleaning of falling in the tub, due to the risk?

Does having to step high over the bathtub to get out or in put you off balance and also make you scared of falling down?

Here at Cain’s Mobility SC , we are proud to put in tubs and showers that have doors making bathing and showering considerably simpler for the aged residents of Charleston.

Prevent Serious Injury which Could Shorten Your Lifespan Substantially

For many elderly people dwelling in Charleston, bones could be broken by a single serious fall, and significantly hinder mobility and exercise for many years to come. Every day, this inactivity and deficiency of ability to move can significantly reduce your lifespan and overall well-being and independence you’ve got.

One of the simplest methods to stop injury is in the restroom, with new freedom equipment that make the process of bathing less dangerous than before.

So give our Charleston team a call right away to learn ways to prevent serious injury like a broken hip, leg or back, and live for longer, and free.

Make Living Alone in South Carolina Safe and Fun Once More!

For several citizens that are aging, being able to live within their particular house for as long as possible is the very best way to keep pride and dignity in their lives.

As individuals age, parts of their bodies begin to break down, and it becomes dangerous to dwell alone without added help in the rare case that something happens.

For many elderly folks, this means eventually having to move away from the Charleston dwelling they have lived in for a long time and love, and into a South Carolina retirement or care facility that’s infertile, unknown and not practically the same as their own home in Charleston.

By preventing slips and tumbles in the bathroom with a brand new walk-in bathtub, aged folks will probably have the ability to stay in their very own home for longer, and enjoy the life they’ve lived for years.

Increase your Charleston Home’s Resale Value to a Growing Baby Boomer Population.

As more and more of the baby boomer population in South Carolina are becoming elderly, mobility gear will become a larger and bigger selling point for the purchase of Charleston houses.

By installing a walk in bath in your Charleston house, you’ll not only make living easier now, but would set your dwelling up to be valuable later on.

Every walk-in tub can significantly raise your South Carolina allure and house’s resale to aging populations.

Give our Charleston team a call to discover just how much the resale value of your house would grow from a fresh facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I choose the color / style to match my interior decoration?

Yes. Check with the producers about South Carolina options. Colours that are uniform with the majority of toilets are only offered by some. Picking the right walk in bathtub for you means discussing the variety of sizes, styles and layouts to ensure it suits your own special needs and room requirements. You might have to pay an additional fee for a custom color since most makers make bathtubs in cream and white.

2) How do walk-in tubs drain?

Some systems apply a gravitation simply drainage system, while other manufacturers offer power-assisted drainage systems. Normally, the drainage system in a walk in tub is attached to the normal tub drain, which is threaded into a flat conduit called a waste shoe. The shoe is sealed using putty or a foam washer under its flange. Since a bather cannot leave the bath until all of the water is drained, the large difference is that since sitting there waiting for the water can leave a bather feeling chilled, makers have attempted to reduce the waiting time. Some attributes may cost you more, therefore it is almost always advisable to ask. Finally, get to be aware of the difference between frameless tubs since frameless baths tend to drain quicker than framed tubs, because they don't alter the drain height of your existing tub and framed baths. Framed baths are constructed on a steel framework as well as the bottom of the tub is suspended off the ground. Frameless baths are made with an extra-strength form that really doesn't demand a steel framework and the bottom of the bathtub is not hung in the air.

3) Is there a way to get Jacuzzi jets in my tub?

Yes. Be cautious of the amount of water and also atmosphere that comes out of the jets to be sure it's the proper amount that will soothe pains and your sore muscles using a massage sensation. Jets can be positioned to target particular areas to provide for the best effects. Many Charleston customers enjoy the therapeutic effect of having jets installed within their walk in tub for an extensive array of medical conditions that gain from the extra relaxation.

4) Can the shower be used still with a walk-in bathtub?

Yes. There are walk in bath installations that provide you with a large standing place for standup showers. You can shower standing up or sitting down. Be sure to get the proper measurements for the walk-in bathtub in order that you don't feel cramped during a stand-up shower. Additionally, another thing to keep in mind would be to ask about the faucet location, since if your faucet is not directly against a wall, it's considerably more difficult to tap into your existing shower if you intend to keep your standing shower.

5) How much do walk-in bathtubs cost in Charleston?

A walk-in bathtub in Charleston commonly ranges in cost from $1,700 to over $30,000. The price also changes depending on whether you choose fiberglass or acrylic tubs. Everybody is different and making sure that a walk in bath works for somebody 's unique circumstances is quite crucial as it is typically replacing a bath or bathtub assembly that's not fulfilling their needs. A superb walk-in bathtub runs between $8, $3,000 000 installed. Some providers offer monthly payments or a cash bonus.

6) Can I convert my existing bathtub into a walk-in one?

Yes. There are instructions available on how exactly to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in tub. We recommend that you simply know how to make use of the correct tools so that you just do not end up with a non-working bath. There are firms in Charleston that know how to turn your disability that is tub more as well as your home reachable for less of an investment than alternatives. As installers, we know just how to point you in the correct direction, so please ask us for a consultation so we are able to assist you to make your home meet your present needs, particularly if you've recently become disabled or are providing an elderly man care-giving in their own house or your home.

7) How do I know these tubs will fully seal and not leak out all over the floor?

Suitable installation and initial testing should offer you a leak proof encounter, nonetheless there are events where they experienced leaks, that customers report. Under suitable conditions, the weight of the water should compress the door seal making it totally leak proof. Some units include another drain below the entrance door to help prevent escapes if the door does leak. If this feature is comprised, ask. Because it covers the door in the case of a flow along with the seal, we highly advise that you get a lifetime guarantee. Many people replace the door seal on a walk-in bath themselves. Also, it's crucial that you take good care of the walk-in tub door when the bath is not in use to prevent early failure of the seal. Wiping the door seal and door jamb down after each use can preserve the integrity of the water seal. Follow the care and maintenance instructions.

8) About how much will one of these tubs cost to get installed?

The installation can really cost you about $1,500-$3,000 to be installed in Charleston. Occasionally the expense of the unit along with the setup is a better investment than paying for a caretaker.

9) What sort of guarantees are there that these tubs won’t leak and damage my Charleston house?

Consumer Affairs advocates that an owner that is original buy a lifetime warranty to give peace of mind to buyers about flows. Additionally, ask if the lifetime guarantee is extended to other owners as well. For most South Carolina house installations, this will likely be comprised for a set number of years.

10) Is there a way to re-sell the tub once we are done with it?

You can re-sell find or used walk in baths being sold online. Nonetheless, many folks usually wish to make sure that they're purchasing a walk-in bath that personally meets with their needs for the long term. They're not as inclined to choose a big risk by paying the removal of their existing tub and all of the costs associated with transport without guarantee and a little more investment in the condition along with quality of their purchase. There's not actually a big market for used plumbing fixtures. Finally, should you believe you could try to resell your walk in tub, the next buyer may want to know if the lifetime warranty is extended to other owners too or if they are going to need to cover the costs associated with a door seal or alternative part damages that will occur with use.

11) Is there any additional structural support needed before installation?

Many walk in baths are mounted to a stainless steel welded support framework with leveling feet that's included with your bought tub. The flooring in the bathroom has to have a structural support strength that exceeds the weight of the bathtub in addition to the weight of the water. Our Charleston installer will check to determine whether the floor is level and otherwise when it is not, then they are going to make use of the leveling legs to adjust the amount of the bath. Obviously, the previous bath will need to be eliminated. Also, the if replacing tile or the wall in the area will need to be removed.

12) Will a tub like this look bad for my homeowner’s insurance in South Carolina?

Many upgraded homeowner's insurance policies protect against flooding from your pipes and appliances. Check with your Charleston homeowner's insurance to be sure it's going to cover you against this kind of damage. You might need a house modification permit from the Charleston, SC building department to put in a tub, particularly when walls need to be eliminated to fit your bathroom plans. Most of all, you did not get one AND and in case you needed a permit your home suffers from damage from the installed walk-in bathtub, your homeowner's insurance may not cover your losses. If you're planning on ever selling your Charleston residence, there are tons of buyer beware messages out there that will steer prospective buyers from your house since it does change homeowner's insurance if there have been any developments without permits. Buyers see the permits as well as their homeowners insurance as protections on their investments in dwellings.

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